Gratitude is Happiness


A feeling…

…of euphoria defined by perfection?

…that defines the complete wellness of your existence?

…meant to scream your greatness to the world?

…meant to elicit envy from your peers?

…of mental, physical, emotional, and least I add spiritual stability?

What is Happiness?

What defines your happiness? What defines mine?

As a special friend recently told me whilst I whined about the changes I needed… “Gratitude is happiness”

I am usually quick to respond with a smart retort on just about anything that can be thrown my way, but I paused… Needless to say, I still came up with something in my defence, which we all usually have by the way “Of course, I am grateful”. However, we say that without truly incorporating the meaning. I mean, we are on a scale of 1-10 probably generally not ingrates, but it takes true understanding of gratitude to know to be thankful for the little and albeit sometimes taken-for-granted mercies and gifts.

Still, it was worth more than a few thoughts at those few sane moments before being taken into the lethargy of sleep… Was that all it really took to be happy?

We spend our lives in pursuit of happiness; trading our passions and individualities for false securities we convince ourselves will take away our pains, alleviate our worries, complete and make us whole, and generally are the key to our being happy!

Once I get this, once I get that, and we go on in a circle of acquisition and personal challenges, competing with and challenging everyone but ourselves as to what we really and truly need… “Will these make me happy”, I asked myself at that moment before I drifted off.

I woke up to the same nagging thought, and continued to ponder, but this time I took a more profound look at gratitude and less at happiness. What does gratitude stand to give that these things wouldn’t?  At that moment, it hit me straight between the eyes and I wondered why I hadn’t really seen it before! Focus is the key! If I remain thankful long enough, it means I look more on the things that I do have, and certainly if that’s what I see when I look into myself, happiness can’t be too  far away from my way of life!!

One of my greatest quotes on gratitude;

“Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture” ~ Kak Sri

That was it; I had figured it out… It didn’t mean everything had to be great per time, it just meant I had to make the most of it per time or I’d be miserable!!

It didn’t mean I couldn’t be ambitious or pursue the things that satisfy my yearnings as an individual; but through the race of life, all the acquisition that comes from thought, ideas, building, being,  through the entire rat race we call life, I wouldn’t have to abandon my hobbies, passions, individuality, nor trade who it is I hope to be. This is because intricately, every step of the way I am truly elated by a happiness that is a State of mind, born by an inner gratitude of all that already is even while I look forward to all that will be.

So, Gratitude indeed is Happiness; if we pay attention to the little things we already have, we will indeed find ourselves in a state of calm that allows us to purse those we don’t with a peace that makes the wait truly worthwhile.