Hey there…

Been a while, okay a really long while… what can I say? Life gets in the way of best laid plans, the significant and then not so significant ones.

Thought I’d give short thoughts a shot; as they say, “break down those big goals into minuscule work-package goals and celebrate the little successes”, “a marathon begins with sprints, sprints with jogs, and jogs with walks, and walks with a step”, or many of those other variations along those lines.

So I’m going to be that random female for a bit and try to set the tone of what happens in her mind every now or then, when she just lets those thoughts run free.


In a relationship and alone; so you’re finally happy you’re with someone who sees the world through your eyes, values your values, appreciates your goals, smiles at your jokes, smirks at your silliness, and well, heading in the direction of your destination and doesn’t mind sharing a car to get there… sounds great? Me thinks!

…But, when you’re both not in the car, you don’t seem to exist!


“Why won’t he call? Doesn’t he miss me? Is it a case of out of sight and poof!… out of mind? Doesn’t he think about me, at all? Would he notice if I died?”… and oh so many variations of that!

…I call, and we chat like I was never gone, and then he calls and we talk like there was never a gap. He doesn’t even acknowledge there was a gap.

Light bulb! Was there a gap? Did I imagine the gap?… Hold up! Am I questioning myself in a perfectly real scenario? Whhhat?!

I forgot to mention this part… you might need to complete the scenario, after all, they are random musings! Who knows?!


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That Time Jamie Oliver Made “Jollof Rice” #JollofGate

The African Wonder called Jollof Rice!!

Rant-y African't...

Yes, guys, it finally happened – they finally got their hands on Jollof rice!

Some context for those who don’t know what Jollof rice is: Jollof rice is one of the 7 wonders of Africa. The list goes: Nelson Mandela, Cape Town, Jollof Rice, Senegalese Twists, Lupita Nyong’o, Shea Butter, and P Square. People might disagree with this list (feel free to add your own list in the comments section. Don’t curtly state your disagreement and move on, ok? Don’t be rude), but the point is that Jollof rice is a BIG deal.(Horrible) songs have been written about Jollof rice. Case in point: this god-awful song by Fuse ODG:

Jollof rice has even caused  a diplomatic tension/Cold War of sorts between Nigeria and Ghana over who actually owns this dish (it actually originated in Senegal, but I’m sleep).

In Nigeria, Jollof rice is sacred. It is not just the…

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Hopeless helplessness!!

Tunde's Thoughts

Yesterday,she received her dreams in a casket
It was all she had,she’d put all her eggs in one basket.
My hopes returned to me from a distant land
Where I learned its blood had been spilled on the sand

They immortalize the dead! What a grand irony!
They will live forever,yes! Our pain,our agony.
Compensate! But I ask how much is commensurate?
For eulogies and platitudes I’m afraid its too late.

In a land that can scarcely remember yesterday,
We’ve been told the sacrifice was for a brighter day.
For those whose desire is to forever rule and reign?
Or those who serve beneath the sun and falling rain?

The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain,
And the death of the heroes present has caused sorrow and pain
We’ll just hope and pray the price wasn’t too steep
For when you sow blood,you must fear what…

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… I suppose in the strict sense we can all say “Of course, I knew this!”, but in truth we all probably require a minute or more to really let it sink. We sincerely need to reevaluate out priorities and accord time …oops, life, to what really matters!
Above all, I personally need to remind myself it’s a little everyday. We usually get caught up in the euphoria of an exciting idea only to realize we didn’t sustain it beyond 3 days… It’s one step each day towards being the me I want to be, and the journey is sometimes more important than the destination, because we need to be ready to handle where we eventually make home!!

Real Life Devotions

Good morning guys. How did the week go?

I want to share a very sobering thought. Promise you won’t freak out? Here goes…


It is perhaps the weirdest thing you do.

It was your birthday a few days ago, full of excitement, you share your testimony with friends and loved ones. The Good Lord has added one more year to your life you say. I don’t mean to rain on your parade but I have a question- Did He? Did God really add a year to your life?

I have no idea where we got this incremental view of life from but I know that it is the reason behind the tragic fashion in which we live our lives. Here is the hard truth- Life does not increase, it reduces! Your age may increase but your time here on earth is dwindling. It is as though we view…

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Gratitude is Happiness


A feeling…

…of euphoria defined by perfection?

…that defines the complete wellness of your existence?

…meant to scream your greatness to the world?

…meant to elicit envy from your peers?

…of mental, physical, emotional, and least I add spiritual stability?

What is Happiness?

What defines your happiness? What defines mine?

As a special friend recently told me whilst I whined about the changes I needed… “Gratitude is happiness”

I am usually quick to respond with a smart retort on just about anything that can be thrown my way, but I paused… Needless to say, I still came up with something in my defence, which we all usually have by the way “Of course, I am grateful”. However, we say that without truly incorporating the meaning. I mean, we are on a scale of 1-10 probably generally not ingrates, but it takes true understanding of gratitude to know to be thankful for the little and albeit sometimes taken-for-granted mercies and gifts.

Still, it was worth more than a few thoughts at those few sane moments before being taken into the lethargy of sleep… Was that all it really took to be happy?

We spend our lives in pursuit of happiness; trading our passions and individualities for false securities we convince ourselves will take away our pains, alleviate our worries, complete and make us whole, and generally are the key to our being happy!

Once I get this, once I get that, and we go on in a circle of acquisition and personal challenges, competing with and challenging everyone but ourselves as to what we really and truly need… “Will these make me happy”, I asked myself at that moment before I drifted off.

I woke up to the same nagging thought, and continued to ponder, but this time I took a more profound look at gratitude and less at happiness. What does gratitude stand to give that these things wouldn’t?  At that moment, it hit me straight between the eyes and I wondered why I hadn’t really seen it before! Focus is the key! If I remain thankful long enough, it means I look more on the things that I do have, and certainly if that’s what I see when I look into myself, happiness can’t be too  far away from my way of life!!

One of my greatest quotes on gratitude;

“Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture” ~ Kak Sri

That was it; I had figured it out… It didn’t mean everything had to be great per time, it just meant I had to make the most of it per time or I’d be miserable!!

It didn’t mean I couldn’t be ambitious or pursue the things that satisfy my yearnings as an individual; but through the race of life, all the acquisition that comes from thought, ideas, building, being,  through the entire rat race we call life, I wouldn’t have to abandon my hobbies, passions, individuality, nor trade who it is I hope to be. This is because intricately, every step of the way I am truly elated by a happiness that is a State of mind, born by an inner gratitude of all that already is even while I look forward to all that will be.

So, Gratitude indeed is Happiness; if we pay attention to the little things we already have, we will indeed find ourselves in a state of calm that allows us to purse those we don’t with a peace that makes the wait truly worthwhile.

My Space & Place

Hello peeps,

To say we each need to find our very own place and space  in life and basically carve a niche for ourselves, is to say the least. It is an absolute can’t do without!!!

Doesnt matter how old you are, infact I must reiterate and say, “the younger you are, the better”!!!… As long as you’re losing your baby fat and have started to face the difficulties however succinct or pre-school, trust me, the time is NOW!!!!

We’ll be running through a series with the young minds, and the older minds who find themselves here, cos trust me, there’s a whole lot of them- I have friends- called “My Space and Place”

Lets learn a couple of stuff that will undoubtedly make it easier for us to make informed choices and terse decisions…

Lets keep this rolling people….Ciao