About Me

I am a writer and speaker if you like, totally embrace the responsibility of bringing out the best in people… My success, I measure with the number of successes my words can bring to others… A true entrepreneur at heart!! More on me – http://about.me/TynaMakpo

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Well I know I dont know what I want in life and that is becos I am a lazy thwart. Dont get me wrong, I am not useless, I just do what I am expected to do. I need help and I have not discovered what I am really good at. I dont know if u can help………… Cheers

    • Hi Dipo… Thanks for stopping by!

      One thing is for sure, you know what your problem is, so it’s already half solved 🙂

      Truly, what you want in life is simply the completion of who you are! It’s what you do and instantly you recognise as what you were born to do! Besides discovering what you are good at (you can always learn ;)), the real question is what do you enjoy doing? What completes you? What’s your other half (other than a spouse of course)? What excites you and bursts you forth with ‘I wish I could’? Every hobby/interest can be developed to produce income, our minds are idea labs and we can bring anything and I mean anything to life!!..

      I’m pretty sure that now you wont have to look too far… Do let me know!


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