Hey there…

Been a while, okay a really long while… what can I say? Life gets in the way of best laid plans, the significant and then not so significant ones.

Thought I’d give short thoughts a shot; as they say, “break down those big goals into minuscule work-package goals and celebrate the little successes”, “a marathon begins with sprints, sprints with jogs, and jogs with walks, and walks with a step”, or many of those other variations along those lines.

So I’m going to be that random female for a bit and try to set the tone of what happens in her mind every now or then, when she just lets those thoughts run free.


In a relationship and alone; so you’re finally happy you’re with someone who sees the world through your eyes, values your values, appreciates your goals, smiles at your jokes, smirks at your silliness, and well, heading in the direction of your destination and doesn’t mind sharing a car to get there… sounds great? Me thinks!

…But, when you’re both not in the car, you don’t seem to exist!


“Why won’t he call? Doesn’t he miss me? Is it a case of out of sight and poof!… out of mind? Doesn’t he think about me, at all? Would he notice if I died?”… and oh so many variations of that!

…I call, and we chat like I was never gone, and then he calls and we talk like there was never a gap. He doesn’t even acknowledge there was a gap.

Light bulb! Was there a gap? Did I imagine the gap?… Hold up! Am I questioning myself in a perfectly real scenario? Whhhat?!

I forgot to mention this part… you might need to complete the scenario, after all, they are random musings! Who knows?!


#random #shortstories #musings #nothing #something #everything #mindgames #thoughts

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