… I suppose in the strict sense we can all say “Of course, I knew this!”, but in truth we all probably require a minute or more to really let it sink. We sincerely need to reevaluate out priorities and accord time …oops, life, to what really matters!
Above all, I personally need to remind myself it’s a little everyday. We usually get caught up in the euphoria of an exciting idea only to realize we didn’t sustain it beyond 3 days… It’s one step each day towards being the me I want to be, and the journey is sometimes more important than the destination, because we need to be ready to handle where we eventually make home!!

Real Life Devotions

Good morning guys. How did the week go?

I want to share a very sobering thought. Promise you won’t freak out? Here goes…


It is perhaps the weirdest thing you do.

It was your birthday a few days ago, full of excitement, you share your testimony with friends and loved ones. The Good Lord has added one more year to your life you say. I don’t mean to rain on your parade but I have a question- Did He? Did God really add a year to your life?

I have no idea where we got this incremental view of life from but I know that it is the reason behind the tragic fashion in which we live our lives. Here is the hard truth- Life does not increase, it reduces! Your age may increase but your time here on earth is dwindling. It is as though we view…

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