How to Step out of your Comfort Zone

Ok… I’ve talked quite a bit about defining your path, choosing your career and starting a business along the lines of your personality, at this point I doubt there’s any doubt as to whether you consider yourself a job creator or a job seeker given all circumstances of the Nigerian economy and dispersing all foundational excuses… So, what’s next?

I dare say, “The Next Step!!”

And what’s that?

I dare say, ACTION…

To be able to act, we must be willing to disperse our fears… We must as a necessity call upon courage, to pull us out of an ever growing and deepening abyss of fear!

If we think about that plan too long, if we ponder on that opportunity endlessly, we’ll find many reasons why it’s wiser to not go down those roads, causing us to experience analysis paralysis on every level – basically absolutely planning and never doing. More infuriating even is the fact that these reasons will appear more than legitimate.

We already have a lot of reasons, albeit, rather reasonable ones as Nigerian youths to do nothing, should we ponder longer, we might never recover!!

Still, that’s not to say one shouldn’t weigh options and risks before any and every venture against business acumen for profitability, but ever notice how you never hear good of yourself when you eavesdrop? Same principle!! Listen long and hard enough and you’ll hear exactly what you were thinking you would!!

Read quite a number of stories on a post called “A conversation with fear”, and I mean the comments actually made for a lot of interesting stories, they gave me even more insight to the damage fear can have on dreams and caused me to further appreciate the effectiveness of it’s personification.

…We say “face your fear” without quite realizing that we mean we should literally face our fears, stand up to and speak to it like a friend or foe, whichever suits your personality. Talk it down, or woo it, whatever it takes, but ensure it’s in sync with you on every venture you undergo because even after you successfully make the first move, it continues to influence your every step…

More often than not, we live in the sanctuary of our comfort zones, and tell tales of how we will start up what we want when we are good and ready. Unknown to the bulk of us, we are pushing forward that day when we will need to reckon with fear, and unfortunately for us, the longer we leave it be, the more courage we will need! And it’s unlikely that fear’s half sister, courage will do more than we give her room to!

So, regardless of how tough it may seem, how needless you may suddenly have convinced yourself that your venture is, you best rise above that overwhelming feeling of sinking in your ideas, and swim to your dreams!

….So my dears, as Nigerians we are known for our persistence. Get out of your Comfort Zone and make things happen for you!!                                               

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